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24th May, 2017

A simple thank you..

We recently attended a leadership seminar hosted by Chester Elton who spent the entire day passionately engaging the ...

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30th March, 2017


A story familiar to most of us is the employee, Ken Kutaragi, an electrical engineer working at Sony ...

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11th March, 2017

My Sailing Arabia – The Tour with team Zain

I recently got one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to join team Zain on Sailing Arabia – The Tour ...

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19th January, 2017

Our Journey into Generation Z

We are fortunate to have been selected as the five candidates of Generation Z, a graduate program developed ...

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14th November, 2016

Together, We Are Zain

In 2015, we developed our very first Employer Value Proposition known as The Zain Promise.  The Zain promise ...

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20th June, 2016

A letter to future grads

Preparing for the future: Participants of Zain’s graduate program (Zainers 2.0) give tips on how to succeed   ...

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4th April, 2016

How I went from Thalassophobia “Fear of Sea” to ...

Earlier in this year in February 2016, I have spent 2 weeks around the Arabian Gulf countries taking ...

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28th February, 2016

Creativity and Innovation: We explore more.

Zain’s HR Directors from across our MENA footprint attended our annual forum in Kuwait on 10th and 11th ...

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11th February, 2016

My World Economic Forum (WEF) - Davos Experience

For more images : At times life grants us rare opportunities where we come together as individuals, ...

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21st October, 2015

Encouraging start with inspiring people

The first three days of Zain’s Graduate Program were nothing close to what I had imagined them to ...

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12th October, 2015

Overcoming fears, and preparing for a bright future

Day one at Zain was an overwhelmingly exciting experience to say the least. I felt welcomed from the ...

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5th October, 2015

New horizons

Zain Group is offering a one-year long graduate program that offers me the opportunity to share my ideas ...

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4th October, 2015

It is time for action, not words

With the recent launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) at the70th UN General Assembly meeting in New ...

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28th September, 2015

My first three days at Zain

Being accepted to Zain’s graduate program is a real privilege and an amazing opportunity. The tasks, conversations, and ...

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29th June, 2015

Sharing the stories of Zain's engagement champions

Zain Group recently underwent its Annual Employee Engagement Survey that was not just another survey under the theme ...

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