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21st October, 2015

Encouraging start with inspiring people

The first three days of Zain’s Graduate Program were nothing close to what I had imagined them to be. We hit the ground running on day-one and did not stop until it was time to clock out on Thursday. Our time was spent meeting Zain employees from different departments and being briefed on what they do. We were also assigned various tasks by the departments themselves as well as by Group HR during the first three days.

First day jitters began as I walked through the sliding doors of Zain’s HQ-1 building. As I waited in the lobby to go to the fourth floor, people greeted each other left and right when suddenly everyone turned to look at me wondering who I was. I smiled telling them it was my first day at Zain and they immediately knew I was part of the Zain Graduate Program and wished me luck. That Tuesday morning I met the other four graduates who were also accepted into the program and who are now my team members. Our day began with an introduction to Zain and the company’s background followed by first day formalities.

We then met Yousef Al Fulaij, the Digital Specialist, who gave us a presentation about life at Zain and introduced us to the website Zain uses to network with other Zainers. We were assigned our first task and were asked to review previous annual reports and decide what changes we suggested be made. We pitched our ideas regarding the annual reports to a few of our superiors, and received feedback on our ideas.

Our second and third days were also very productive. We were given a list of people’s names who volunteered to become our mentors, and from whom we had to choose one. Our second task was to interview these people and find the person that we felt would best guide us in developing our careers. Once that was done, Munifah Akasha, the Talent Acquisition Specialist, reviewed the results of our psychometric reports individually, which gave us an idea of our personal strengths and weaknesses.    

Looking back on these three days makes me look forward to what’s in stall. We got to meet the most inspiring people in the most encouraging environment. I never thought that I would be chatting with the Group CEO let alone taking a selfie with him. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and hope that this experience will help me learn and develop.

Fay Al Rasheed
Graduate Intern
Zain Group

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